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How To Open A Gmail Account For The Very First Time?

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There is quite a possibility that you must be aware of Gmail and its features. It is considered to be one of the most renowned email service providers and nowadays it is the most preferred service among all the others. Registering for Gmail is an easy task and on top of that, it won’t be taking a lot of time as well. You can trust our team for Gmail Customer Support to assist you in the signing up process.

There are some steps given below which you might need to follow in order to sign up for Gmail in an error-free way.

  • First of all, open chrome and go to the address bar. Then, type in Gmail.
  • Click on the very first outcome to enter the official login page.
  • Now, you are required to click on “Create an account” option which you can find at the bottom of the sign in box.
  • After that, you’ll notice a new page. On this page you actually have to write all your credentials like name, username and password
  • We recommend that you must create a difficult password and to help you in doing that, Gmail will let you know the password security strength.
  • Just after doing that, you will be asked some questions
  • Then, type in the anti spam code
  • Following that, read all the “Terms Of Service” and once you are satisfied, you need to click on “I Accept”

If you want to start using your account, click on “I’m ready. Show me my account”

If you make a proper use of these steps you can create your account in just a few minutes. Still, if you find yourself stuck or if you want more elaborative information regarding all the Gmail features, then don’t sweat it, because you can call us on our Helpdesk Number +61 283206038 for Gmail Technical Support to utilize our fast response from our team of technicians.


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